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About Kat ...

     I am your premier real estate concierge! What is a real estate concierge? Thing of a hotel concierge.  They help you with anything you need, right? That's what I'll do as your real estate concierge; I'll help you with whatever you need to get your transaction closed, as seamlessly as possible. Just in case you are thinking that real estate agents don't do a whole lot, click here and ask for your list of 180 things real estate agents have done for their clients.  If I don't personally do it, I will find a service professional who does. 

   I serve SW Ohio; which includes Cincinnati up to Dayton, over to Columbus, down to the Ohio River, back to Cincinnati, and everything in between. I am centrally located, which makes it easy for me to cover such a large area. I specialize in upsizing/downsizing and luxury real estate.  Of course all sellers become buyers, so I work with buyers too. I am faithful, and believe in being authentic, attentive, and responsive with my clients.  I will be with you every step of the way!

    I am a Certified Luxury Listing Specialist, as well as a certified property stager, relocation expert (& personally did it), and I am Express Offers certified (for investors). Because of my systems, experience, and success, my brokerage has made me a mentor to new real estate agents. I continually grow my knowledge base, so that I can be the best premier real estate concierge for my clients! 

       As an experienced Realtor, I have worked hard to get my systems in place to make your real estate transaction seamless.  If you are not sure what all needs to be done before you sell your home - I have a checklist for that.  If you are not sure how you should stage your home - I have a check list for that.  If you are not sure of the buying/selling process - I have a graphic/checklist for that.  Any question that you have, regarding the real estate market/process - I have an answer for that. 

        I have a TEAM of experts that I work with, including an assistant, a transaction coordinator, vendor/contractor partnerships, & I have partner agents across the United States (all 50 of them), and (at the time of publishing) in 24 different countries. AND if I don't know the right person to help ... I tap into those partner agents to make sure you get a trusted expert working for you. 

     I am the proud wife of a US Army Veteran, and I completely understand the relocation process that comes with being in a military family. I know what it's like to buy and sell a home AND to relocate across the country; I've been through the process myself. At 14, I relocated from California to Washington State, so I also know how relocation can affect children. Having recently relocated across the country myself, I know how much time and energy goes into that process. I have used my life experiences to create the systems that help make your real state transaction seamless. 

      A portion of every commission check I receive is donated to charity. I include local and national charities.  I especially like to give back to veterans, kids, and animals. If you have a charity suggestion, please let me know. I'm happy take my donation from your transaction and donate to the charity of your choice. 

     My hobbies include photography, playing softball, golf, the outdoors (hiking/camping), traveling, and of course … playing Monopoly (we have 9 different kinds). I have an adult son, who is a complete goof ball. We also have a 120# Mastiff (Daisy Mae), who thinks she’s a lap dog; a 90# German Shepard (Finley Marie) who talks up a storm; a Lhasa Apso (Shelly Belly) who loves her belly to be rubbed.  We also have a cat (Coal Kitty), who thinks he’s a dog and does not leave the German Shepard's side - they are inseparable.  We purchased a small ranch in 2022, and we do have some chickens.  We will be adding large animals to our herd in the near future (horses, cows, bulls, chickens, and maybe a few sheep for lawn maintenance). For more personal information, please check out my Facebook Business page. I share personal information on there, daily.  

     Some other favorites: my favorite flower is a gardenia; my favorite dog breed is German Shepard; my favorite restaurant is the Melting Pot (I love fondue); pizza & bacon are my absolute favorite foods; and (obviously) pink is my favorite color. 

     Don't forget to check out my social media!

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