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There IS a reason successful eXp agents are gaga over eXp Realty. 

Explore this page to learn more about eXp Realty,

and what they have to offer partner agents.


eXp Voted Best Place to Work

7th Year in a Row

For the 6th year in a row, eXp Realty has been voted one of the best places to work by Glassdoor!  eXp is the FASTEST GROWING real estate brokerage in the world, we are in all 50 states and 24 different countries (at the time of publishing), with 89k agents.  Glassdoor awards are issued by anonymous recommendations; it is an employees' choice award.  To quote Glenn Sanford, funder of eXp Realty, "(a)t eXp Realty, we are focused on positively transforming the world of work and empowering employees with a culture defined by collaboration, innovation, transparency, and fun."  YES FUN! Want to learn more about how to make real estate fun again?  I read more about eXp Realty on Glassdoor, click here. Let's schedule a time to chat about why successful agents are gaga over eXp Realty.


This 30-minute video will explain the eXp Model, what our company is all about. It breaks down all the details.  He explains things fairly quickly, so after you watch it, if you have questions, or want to know more, let's chat: Schedule your

appointment today

To learn more or to come join me at eXp Realty, click here.  Partner with me at eXp Realty today and live your best life! (Check out "My Story" below.)

My Story: How I Ended Up at eXp Realty

    It's 2024, and I've been immersed in the world of real estate for going on 8-years now. The last four of those years have been an absolute thrill ride with eXp Realty, and let me tell you, I'm head over heels for this company.

     During my maiden voyage with eXp Realty, I 6x my income. Yes, you read that right—from $1.2M to almost $8M in sales, all within the span of a single year. While my faith reminds me to attribute much of this success to a higher power, I cannot discount the invaluable support and resources that eXp provided. They truly paved the way for my triumph.

     Now, before I found my home at eXp, I pondered a return to familiar territory—perhaps back to Keller-Williams. But then, whispers of a cloud-based, entirely online, brokerage called eXp Realty reached my ears. Intrigued, I embarked on a thorough investigation. I did my homework, scoured every nook and cranny of the company, and asked questions of fellow real estate agents on various platforms. After a meticulous 3-month deliberation, I made the leap, and boy, am I glad I did.

     So, why eXp Realty over other industry giants like KW or another cloud-based brokerage? Let me break it down for you:

     First, knowing I would be moving across the country in the near future, eXp's national reach appealed to my wanderlust. With licensees spanning all 50 states and beyond, I can hang my license wherever I please, all while paying a single, modest, monthly technology fee of $89. Talk about convenience!

     Second, as someone who thrives in the comfort of home, eXp's virtual connectivity was a game-changer. No need to wrestle with my inner introvert or battle ADHD-induced squirrel moments just to attend a meeting. I can participate in company affairs, clad in my PJs, with my loyal canine companions by my side, and a steaming cup of joe in hand.

     Third, let's talk education—eXp-style. Mind-blowing does not even begin to describe it. With over 50 hours of live training each week and a treasure trove of recorded sessions in our university, the learning never stops. And the certifications that are available at eXpCON ... it is an educational buffet, and I've got a front-row seat.

     Lastly, the cherry on top—the profit share and stock options. I mean, who does not love free stock? Plus, with 5% of every commission check earmarked for stock options at a sweet 5% discount, I am building my retirement fund with every closing.

     But here is the kicker—agent attraction wasn't even on my radar when I joined. However, after experiencing firsthand the wonders of eXp, how could I not become a walking, talking, eXp evangelist. The company's success became my mission, and receiving that first juicy rev share check was an amazing feeling! Mission accomplished.

     Picture this—complete strangers rallying behind you, offering support and guidance without expecting anything in return. That IS the eXp experience in a nutshell. We are not just agents, we are business partners, with stock options to boot. The more we thrive, the more everyone thrives—it is a win-win-win scenario.

     Collaboration truly is our bread and butter at eXp Realty. With our very own version of Facebook—Workplace—I can throw a question out there and receive a flood of insights and assistance from fellow agents, no strings attached. Crazy, right? But that is just how we roll—collaboration over competition, every time.

     So, if you are curious about joining my organization and the eXp family or if you just want to learn more, click here to schedule a chat. And if you are ready to take the plunge and partner with me, well, click here to start living your best life today.

      Remember, sharing is caring. If I have stumbled upon a hidden gem, it is my duty to share the news. Think about it, if you have watched a great movie, or found an awesome restaurant, you want to share right?  Knowledge is power, and I am all about empowering others to seize their slice of success

      And hey, if eXp is not your cup of tea, no hard feelings. I will not badger you into submission—that is just not my style. I will treat you the way I want to be treated, with respect and understanding. Because at the end of the day, your success is my success, and that is all that matters.

     So, what are you waiting for? Let's chat and kickstart your journey to greatness—today!

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