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Please feel free to check out my YouTube channel, where you will find all of my long form videos.  The videos here are considered "evergreen content", meaning they will be relevant the majority of the time.  For more topic specific videos, please check out my channel.  PLEASE KNOW with recent litigation surrounding how a real estate agent gets paid, some information in these videos may be outdated.


Why Use a Realtor?

Part 1 of the selling your home series, below. Did you know that, if a Realtor sells a home, vs. a FSBO, that the home sells an average of 17% higher than if you sold it on your own? This video will share several reasons why you should use a Realtor to sell your home. What  real estate agents do for sellers? Why you should use a real estate agent when selling? These questions are answered in this video.

10 Questions to ask a 

Prospective Realtor

Now that we’ve gone through the selling process, here are 10 questions you should ask a potential real estate agent before choosing them to sell your home. It is important to interview at least 2 real estate agents before deciding who you will work with. Please don’t pick someone because they are a relative and you want to support them, or a coworker, or a coworker’s spouse. Interview at least 2 agents and ask the questions in this video.

The Listing Appointment​

Part 2 of the selling your home series. The listing appointment is the first step in the home selling process. This video will explain what you can expect during the listing presentation. The real estate agent should explain to you what he/she is going to do to sell your home, as well as the process. If you list with me you will receive a personalized and detailed marketing plan at the listing presentation. It will outline everything I'm going to do to sell you home. 

More on Preparing Your Home to Sell

The Listing Paperwork

Part 3 of the selling your home series. The paperwork when listing with a realtor can be confusing and complicated. This video will prepare you for some of the paperwork. If you list with me, I go over each paragraph of the listing paperwork with my clients so that they know what they are signing and obligating themselves to.

Preparing Your Home to List

Part 4 of the selling your home series. Getting your home ready to sell is just as much about what your home looks like as is the list price. This video is about preparing your house to sell. It's raw, unedited, and ... wait for it ... 

it's not perfect! 

Preparing for Photos

Part 5 of the selling your home series. Remember, pictures are what sell your home, so your home needs to be as magazine perfect as you can get it. This video will help you prepare so that your home is in the best possible condition for your beautiful home photos. Professional photos are very important when listing your home. If you list with me, this is something that I pay for.

The First Weekend on the Market

Part 6 of the selling your home series. The first weekend your home is on the market is an important one. In this video we talk about what to expect the first weekend your home is on the market. How busy is it going to be? How many showings will you have? 

What do you have to do the first weekend it's on the market.

Contract to Close

This video is the last in the series of selling your home. We will go over everything that happens from the time we are under contract to the day of closing. Remember, I'm your premier real estate concierge; I take on all the stress for you.  Just sit back and 

enjoy the experience. 

Relocating Across the Country

Relocation Dos & Don'ts

Are you moving across the Country? In this video learn from my experience and my mistakes.  This is part 1 of 2 summarizing my relocation across the country. This video will go over some dos, don’ts, and tips for relocating your household across the country. Moving across the country takes a great deal of planning.

Driving Across the Country

Are you literally driving across the country for a move? This video contains some tips for making that long drive. It is part 2 of a 2 part series on relocating across the country. I’m sharing some of my experience as part of my relocation tips.

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