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Personalized Home Equity Report

     Do you know how much equity you have in your home?  If you don't know, do NOT go to Zillow or those other pages, come directly to the source.  Did you know that Zillow's own CEO put out that their "Zestimates" are not accurate?  In some cases they were off by 40%+. 

     So, let me, an experienced Realtor, put together a FREE, no obligation, Home Equity Report for you.  This is a detailed 12-14 page report documenting the equity you have in your home.  I take the tax information, listings that have sold in the past 6-months, current listings, and neighborhood information, to come up with a true value of your home.  

     Did you know ... that you can take the equity you have in your current home and offset the higher interest rates by putting a larger down payment on a new home or buying down the interest rates?  

     Did you know ... that you can also take the equity you have in your current home and start investing in real estate.  I have a lender who offers a no documentation loan to help you get started.  You just need a credit score of 620+, currently own a home, have a job, and 20% down (that's where your current home equity comes in). 

     Did you know ... if you have a low interest rate on your current home, but you really want to upsize/downsize, I have a plan for you?  You could rent out your current home (with the lower interest rate), making more profit on it due to your lower interest rate.  Take the higher interest rate on your new home, and offset the increased monthly payment with the proceeds from renting out your current home? 

     Did you know that TWO of the lenders on my team are offering no refinance fees?  What does that mean for you? It means ... if you buy a home, and interest rates come down so much that it would be worth it to refinance for a lower interest rate, that there are no lender fees

     If you'd like your FREE, no obligation, Home Equity Report, let's schedule a time to talk about what makes your home special.  If you don't have time to chat with me, then text or email me your request, together with your address, and I'll do the best I can with the information at hand. Or you can just fill out a form by clicking here.

     I am here to serve you and your real estate needs.  Afterall, I am your premier real estate concierge! 

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